Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Oklahoma City Auto Approval Center a bank?

Oklahoma City Auto Approval Center is not a bank. We are a have a huge network of lenders for all of Oklahoma. We match you up with the best rates.

Do I have to pay anything when I send my application?

You don’t have to pay any application or processing fee. Our service is FREE.

How long does the application process take?

It’s easy and fast to apply with us. You can complete an application in a few minutes. Then, expect to hear from us within the day.

How much down payment is needed?

Oklahoma City Auto Approval Center wants to provide you with an auto loan that doesn’t require a down payment. However, the down payment depends on more than a couple of things like your credit score, loan amount, loan term and your old vehicle’s trade-in value. We recommend applying first so we can give you an estimate.

Can I use the auto loan for whatever car I want?

Absolutely! We finance the car of your choice. We do not have any limitation in the type of vehicle you can purchase with our auto loan.

 Pre-Approval Calculator 
Good Credit (725+)
Fair Credit (630+)
Poor Credit (575+)
Bad Credit (525+)
No Credit
Monthly Income $
Housing Cost $
Credit Cards $
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